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  • Be kind to all members and do not exclude anyone.
  • In roleplays, you cannot kill another player's character unless they give you the OK.
  • Swearing/adult language is allowed but don't overdo it. Please don't throw the f-bomb (and anything else, that I don't want to mention) around as you please. If you do, you will be warned or even have your account locked.
  • No spamming! It's flat out rude and annoying and will not be tolerated.
  • Keep the mature content to a low with your drawings and roleplaying, please. No sexual content or intense violence. A little blood here or there is fine though.
  • Don't post anything here's that isn't yours. Lineart and referenced drawings are okay if you credit the artist properly and ask for permission if needed, otherwise you will be reminded to do so, and if you refuse your account will be locked.

Please follow the rules as instructed. If you fail to do so, you will be PMed as a notice and if you ignore it then we will be forced to do something more severe.

Thanks for reading. (:
~The Admins


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