Zwei Null Drei (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) ~Featuring: Meet the Admins~

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Zwei Null Drei (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) ~Featuring: Meet the Admins~ Empty Zwei Null Drei (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) ~Featuring: Meet the Admins~

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 17, 2010 6:56 am

Hi there all you random passerbys!

We are the administrators of Zwei Null Drei, a fairly new forum for roleplaying and randomness. Zwei Null Drei means 2033 in German (because hey, German is a KICKIN' language, amirite?) because the RPs here will take place in that year.

Here you can roleplay as ALL sorts of things. Canines, felines, equines, exotic species, just please, no humans, but anthros are okay. (:

We REALLY don't like to judge people, but if you can, please don't txt talk on the computer. It would be really appreciated. And be respectful to others! We'll soon have the rules up so you know what to do. ;D

Meet the Admins!

Starshowerswolf- Starshy here! Hey guys, I'm Starshowerswolf. But for short, you can call me Starsh, Starshy, Starsho, Starshez, yadda yadda. Yep- pretty much anything that works for ya'. Anyways, I'm not as well known as Wolfish, but you might know me from deviantART, iScribble, Furry-Paws, Mutt-z, Canine-Artists, ect. Uhmm, well, I'm really into drawing, music, roleplaying, horse-back riding (hunter/jumper), writing, making my friends laugh, yeah- you get the picture. Anywho, I'm really looking forewards to rping with all of you guys!

Lanceythedog- Hey hey hey! 8) You can call me either Lancey or Wolfish (Wolfish is my fursona, Lancey is my dog irl, just to make things clear). You may now me from such websites as deviantART (my HQ), Youtube, Furry-Paws, iScribble ect. ect. and well, now ZND too! (: I like to be strange, so I hope I don't weird you guys out too much. I also like typing, drawing, watching Disney movies/cartoons and my all-time favorite band, The Beatles. <3 (: Can't wait to start roleplaying with all of you!

Tessydog- (We have to leave this blank for now because we can't get a hold of her right now. xD)

Thanks for visiting!
~Your Admins: Starsh, Wolfish, and Moach


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